Integrating AI into the Workforce to Unlock Transformation

As part of the quest to shed light on the current state of talent transformation, Beamery featured Athena Karp, CEO & Founder of HiredScore in their report on The Missing Link in Talent Transformation: How Businesses are Bridging the Gap to Build New Talent Strategies.

“If you asked a recruiter what would make them more successful, many would talk about making time to source passive candidates. But sourcing passive talent is nothing new, so… why is this important?”

pg. 27 Doubling Down on Digital by Athena Karp

Typically, in order to source passive candidates, recruiters use Boolean search strings, which have a big potential for systemic bias. Many TA leaders have tried introducing sourcing automation – finding the right sourcing automation tool is important, but onboarding the new solution is way more critical.

To read the rest of this article (pg 25) and the full report, click here.

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